ZapperBox Takes Orders on M1 NextGenTV External ATSC 3.0 Tuner

By Greg Tarr, HD Guru | MAY 13, 2020
As the May 26th launch date for the first commercial NextGenTV (ATSC 3.0) broadcast station in Las Vegas nears, companies are beginning to reveal forthcoming products consumers can use to tune in these new stations.

One of the most recent announcements comes from a startup called ZapperBox, which announced that it is now taking orders for a single NextGen TV tuner box called the ZapperBox M1, which is slated to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2020.

ZapperBox Now Taking Orders for $249 NextGen TV Receiver

By Tom Butts, TV Technology | MAY 12, 2020
M1 set top box is based on BitRouter ATSC 3.0 technology

ZapperBox, a startup that debuted an ATSC 3.0 receiver at CES 2020 in January, has announced pricing and availability of its M1 set-top box for NextGen TV.

The M1 is a single-tuner receiver based on BitRouter’s ATSC3pak middleware and software deployed by BitRouter for its ATSC3pro receivers in many experimental markets for the past two years.

ATSC 3.0: How cord-cutters should plan for antenna TV's big upgrade

By Jared Newman, TechHive | MAR 25, 2020 8:40 AM PDT
The broadcast TV industry has been hyping a new standard for over-the-air channels over the past couple years. It’s called ATSC 3.0, or Next Gen TV.

The benefits of this standard are clear: Better reception, 4K HDR video support, Dolby Atmos and DTS-X support, on-demand video, and possibly even streaming to mobile devices and automobiles. (The standard also has also some iffier aspects, such as targeted advertising.) But ATSC 3.0 comes with one big caveat as well: While the new standard will work with any antenna, it’s incompatible with the ATSC 1.0 tuners built into today’s TVs, converter boxes, and DVRs. To take advantage of Next Gen TV, cord-cutters will need new hardware.

Want free 4K from an antenna? Here are the 2020 TVs with Next Gen TV tuners built-in.

By Geoffrey Morrison, CNET | January 24, 2020 4:00 AM PT
Free 4K TV over the air is rolling out this year all across the US. It's called Next Gen TV, aka ATSC 3.0, and it promises a revolution not just in resolution -- for the first time you'll be able to watch 4K via an antenna -- but in how you watch broadcast TV. Over 60 stations in 40 markets already are, or are planning to start transmitting before the end of the year.

Assuming you're in one of those markets, you'll also need something to receive the signal. If your antenna can receive HD now, it should work fine with Next Gen TV signals. Decoding those signals, however, is a different story. You're either going to need a new TV, or a new tuner for your current TV.

What is ATSC 3.0 and How Will it Affect Me?

By Michael Bryant, Groovy Post | January 20, 2020
The next version of over-the-air broadcasting is coming in the form of ATSC 3.0 which provides 4K HDR reception, better audio, and even OTA broadcasts to your phone.

Next-Gen over-the-air (OTA) TV will get ever-closer to becoming a reality in 2020. However, before getting too excited, ATSC 3.0 arrives with significant caveats that will limit its reach, at least this year. Here’s a look at the new OTA TV standard and what to expect from it in the coming months.

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