Privacy Policy

During normal operation the ZapperBox stores diagnostics logs in its memory. These logs are not uploaded to any remote server and kept internal to the ZapperBox’s memory. They are continually overwritten with new logs. If we need to diagnose an issue that you report using the “My Account” section of our website, we may ask you to upload the diagnostic logs on your device. This can be done by selecting the “Upload Diagnostics” option under the “Settings” Menu.

For further support, we may ask you to enable the “Remote Access” feature, using the settings menu. Whenever one of support personnel accesses the diagnostic utility on your box using the Internet, a “Remote Access Active” advisory will be shown on the screen.

We do not share or sell any information that gets uploaded to our servers for the purpose of diagnosing support issues. We have not yet come up with a policy for how long to store such information. Historical diagnostics are sometimes useful to debug ongoing issues.