18. How can I update my 14-day guide data subscription info like zip code, Device ID, add second device ID, etc.

1. Click on "Manage my Subscription"
2. Enter your email address and click on Continue.
3. Our system will email you a one time password (OTP).
4. Enter OTP to log in.
5. Changing your "Subscription Info":
   5.1 Click on the $29.99 (or dollar value of subscription). This will take you to the "Subscription Details" screen.
   5.2 You can use this screen to update your Device ID, add a second Device ID or change your zip code, or cancel your subscription.
   5.3 Click on "Account Information" to change your Name and Email Address.
   5.4 Click on "Payment Methods" to change or add credit card number.
   5.5 Click on "Billing History" to see your previous payments.
   5.6 Click "Update".
   5.7 Click the 'X' to exit.
6. Place your ZapperBox in standby mode by pressing the red power button.
7. Wait a few seconds.
8. Press the red power button to come out of standby.
9. In a few minutes the new guide data should appear.
10. If we do not have any existing customers in the new zip code, it will take 24 hours to start generating guide data for your new zip code.
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