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The info bar will now show HDR status. The HDR10/HLG icon indicates the incoming HDR signal status. It is dim if the connected TV does not support HDR. It turns bright white if the TV supports HDR. Dolby Vision works as HDR10.

See all the channels, signal strength, and SNR for all RF bands on a single screen. This feature is so central to our user experience that we protect it with copyright! And our users love it.

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Bold and Italicized Encrypted channels
Secure (encrypted)  channels now stand out during a channel scan - bold and italicized! This small but mighty enhancement is designed to make your ZapperBox experience even more user-friendly.

With our TV Info Bar – you'll have all the details you need with one click. It's all at your fingertips, from video resolution to Dolby Audio, NEXTGEN TV, parental ratings, and captions. No more guessing!

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Our Automatic Updates feature ensures your ZapperBox software is always equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing the best TV-watching experience.

Explore ZapperBox DVR Library - Record, rewind, and relive your favorite shows and movies with ease. With our intuitive interface, managing your DVR content has never been simpler. Catch up on missed episodes, watch your favorite series, and never miss a moment of the action!

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ZapperBox's exclusive floating signal strength meter! We're proud to hold a copyright on this innovative feature that our users love. Some have even said it's worth the price of the ZapperBox alone.

Discover the power of the ATSC 3.0 Visualization in our Grid Guide. View all upcoming programs in an easy-to-scan grid view. With ZapperBox, you'll always know what's on, and when it's on. Stay informed with our user-friendly interface, highlighting NEXTGEN TV channels in blue and purple arcs.

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Tired of squinting at small channel numbers on your TV? Need more time to find the number keys on your remote? Go to the storage menu and turn on Easy Channel Entry! See JUMBO size channel numbers and station ID. Relax, there is no timeout. The channel will only change after you press the OK key.

Tired of missing dialogs due to background music or noisy audiences? Can’t hear the sports commentary during noisy games? Turn on NEXTGEN TV’s dialog enhancement feature. This will boost the clarity of within the overall audio mix. Another great reason to switch to NEXTGEN TV.

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Be sure to set up Internet access for your ZapperBox. You can do this during first time setup or from within the Settings menu, connecting your ZapperBox to Wi-Fi gives you the following advantages: software updates, access to encrypted channels, broadband channels. 14-day guide data with subscription, and YouTube. All these benefits are also listed in FAQ #5.

The storage menu under Settings lets you access the statistics of your storage device. See much storage has been used. Turn the pause buffer ON or OFF but only if you are using an SSD or HDD. Turning the pause buffer ON allows you to rewind any program that you are watching by up to 60 minutes. However, if you turn the pause buffer ON with a low-cost microSD card or thumb drive, it will wear out your storage within a few months. Leave the pause buffer OFF for microSD cards and thumb drives.

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V2.6 Record only new episodes and skip duplicates 1.jpg__PID:07ab759a-ac46-4559-828e-4453774b09b5

Explore"Record only new episodes" and "Skip duplicate episodes" - based on your feedback. We're dedicated to making TV recording simpler and more efficient for you.

This update is all about the details that make a difference, like persistent search history and contextual keyword suggestions. Now, you can delete individual or all 32 previous searches with ease.

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V2.6 Record only new episodes and skip duplicates 1.jpg__PID:07ab759a-ac46-4559-828e-4453774b09b5

The Hide/Show setting allows you to hide channels that you do not want to see in the grid guide or while channel surfing. Such channels can include channels with a weak signal or channels you just don’t care for. The Hide/Show feature can also be accessed by pressing the Zap button, while watching TV, to access the “Quick Menu”. This allows you to hide the channel you are currently watching or any other channels on the same RF band.

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