D. Studeman

Everett, WA, a top contributor

'It's been fantastic watching it [ZapperBox M1] go from something last October with drifting audio sync to what it is becoming. The Audio sync was fixed very soon after shipping. Every time a new firmware comes, I am like a kid on Christmas morning eager to update and try.'

Fred Hoffman

St. Louis, MO

“This DVR is truly impressive. I've thoroughly tested it, and it performed flawlessly. Equipped with a 256GB microSD card, I'm effortlessly recording series using the 14-day guide. Managing recordings, deleting them, and resolving conflicts hassle-free. I've put it through its paces, transferring over 200GB of data to the microSD card and deleting just as much without encountering any issues. The sound captures Dolby quality, and the playback is as smooth as live TV.”

B. Cusanelli

The Villages, Florida

 "I've been testing the ZapperBox for a week, and the DVR is great. You've got a great product, and I'm glad I found the right box to view my local stations."


Bremerton, WA

"I've got Zapperbox and Tablo both running at my house. I set each up first as the only tuner with a direct connect from my Televe antenna and ran a channel scan. First off the Zapperbox not only received more channels, but the stability of each channel was much better. Second, I made it part of the testing to reach out to each of the sellers support line (via email). Zapperbox again far exceeded the support and showed sincere desire to troubleshoot and get to the root problem. Zapperbox does pick up ATSC3.0 channels and clearly shows them on your guide, but beware that some local affiliates are encrypting their signal and Zapperbox is still working on getting the encryption schema worked into their software so you won't be able to watch the channels ATSC3.0 signal (though you still have no problems with their ATSC1.0 channel). I put the encryption problem on the broadcasting stations and their inability to come to terms with a standardized schema. The only category Tablo won was their ability to allow you to watch your home OTA signal any where in the world via their app (for your phone or local/remote tv) and via your computer. One final area Tablo would be better, of course this is more preference than requirement, is Tablo's ability to be direct connected to your router (not your tv via HDMI) and played throughout your home tv's via their app (or your computer). I keep a Tablo around just for that purpose, but keep my Zapperbox connected to my main tv."

E.C. Bailey

Albany, New York

"I have a 4k Sony TV that is only a few years old, but did not have an ATSC 3.0 Tuner built in. Not wanting to upgrade a perfectly good 4kTV, I purchased the ZapperBox. This little box allowed us to cancel our streaming Hulu Live TV service, and the picture is amazing even though the 4k broadcasts are just upscaled 1080p for now. The interface is great and intuitive, and set up is a breeze. Support was also wonderful as I did have some trouble tuning the ATSC 3.0 broadcasts due to local broadcast issues. This is a great option if you want if you want ATSC 3.0 w/o upgrading your existing TV."

Kim Barton

Houston, TX

"I've had my Zapperbox for a while and I love it! It has been really good to see the upcoming shows that are coming up next! It also tells you what channels are broadcasting in the new next-gen tv single and that is is where you can get better picture and audio quality! I would highly recommended this box!"

M Goodwin

Franklin, TN, a Tesla beta tester

"I am using the new DVR! As a Tesla beta tester, I am tired of' testing' software and appreciate your time and effort to deliver a good product, even though it's in beta. Thank you for a great product (I disconnected my Tablo and canceled service)."