5. Why does an ATSC 3.0 receiver need Ethernet and Wi-Fi? Will the box work if it is not connected to the Internet?

The Zapperbox will work without an Internet connection. However, there are five reasons for connecting the ZapperBox M1 to the Internet:

1. For software updates. You can always skip some updates and only download essential updates after reviewing the release notes on our website. We plan to keep adding new and interesting features to the ZapperBox via software updates. We recommend keeping your ZapperBox always connected to the Internet.

2. To watch secure content (aka encrypted channel with DRM). However, we will soon provide a software update that will allow encrypted channels to work without an Internet connection.

3. To watch broadband channel. Guide data for these channels comes via your antenna but when you tune to them they play over the Internet. These channels numbers have an 'i' after them, like 12.03i.

4. To download 14-day guide data with a subscription (optional)

5. To watch YouTube content (optional)

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