8. How much does the 14-day guide data subscription cost and what extra features do I get with it?

The 14-day guide data subscription is priced at $29.99/year, for up to two units at the same address. 14-day guide data requires an Internet connection. Devices under the same account, same physical address and same IP address are considered to be at the same address. The fee for additional devices beyond two units is priced at $15/year.

A 14-day guide data subscription allows you to use the following advanced DVR features:
   1. Record from the OTA grid guide
   2. Record from the search menu.
   3. Cover art for recorded shows

Without a subscription, you can still use the following DVR features:
   1. Record the current show being watched.
   2. Schedule a manual recording by specifying the channel number, date and time.
   3. See recorded shows as lists without cover art.

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