Friends and Family

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Score an extra 6 months of 14-day Guide Data plus advanced DVR benefits for yourself and 6 months for a friend. 

Just send your friend and the following email:

Hi Friend,
I love my ZapperBox DVR and I think you will too! I’m getting high quality NEXTGEN TV channels that support 4K HDR video with 3D 11-channel Dolby audio for free over the air, and I can also record all my favorite over-the-air programs. Use this email to get 6 months of free 14-day guide data and advanced DVR with your ZapperBox purchase!

Here’s how:
1. Click here and order your ZapperBox with the email address at which you received this message.
2. When you receive your ZapperBox, reply-all to this email to claim your free 7-months of guide data.
3. One free month of guide data will be added to your account right away.
4. After 30-day from purchase of your ZapperBox, another 6 months of guide data and advanced DVR benefits will be added to both our accounts.


1. Free guide data is offered for purchases only during the time this program is in effect.
2. We reserve the right to change or end this program by posting a change or end date on this page.
3. All purchases between the start and change/end date will be honored for free guide data for both parties.
4. Two parties are required to participate.
5. We reserve the right to limit the number of discounts issued to a single email address.

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