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Key Features


Premium 4K TV Experience

Your customer's RV TV is probably already 4K+HDR capable. They need a DVR that can process free 4K+HDR OTA signals.


Broad Network Coverage

Your customers want all the major networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The WB, and PBS without costly subscriptions or blackouts.


Zero Monthly Fees

Your customers are tired of monthly fees. Offer them 80% of the most-watched TV channels for a one-time investment.

Say no to expensive cable bills

Did you know that over 80% of the most watched TV shows and events are on local stations? So, why are you paying over $100 per month for Cable?

Never run out of space with unlimited storage.  Bring the biggest drive you have!  Only have a few shows you want to record? We also support SD cards (min 128GB).

Get It Now

Upgrade your TV watching and recording experience

ZapperBox makes watching and recording TV easy and enjoyable again. You’ll get the biggest events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics in high-quality video and sound—PLUS all your local news stations.


Enhance RV Living

Provide your customers with the luxury of high-quality TV entertainment on the go, and add value to their RV  and outdoor lifestyle.


Easy to Integrate

ZapperBox is a simple add-on that can significantly upgrade the RV entertainment experience.


Attract Modern Travelers

Appeal to tech-savvy and early-adopter RV enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite TV shows with 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos, while exploring the outdoors.

Upgrade your customer's RV Entertainment experience.

RV owners are looking for the latest AV technology with zero monthly costs. Help them get there with ZapperBox and add to your bottom line.