Release Notes & Known Issues

Last updated on September 29, 2022 at 6pm CT.

Current software version is v0.11.3. This is a beta software release with some known issues that we will continue to fix with regular software updates. We anticipate all known issues, except #4 below, to be resolved by mid-October.

Please scroll down for upcoming features and release history.

Current known issues:

  1. Fixed in v0.9.
  2. Occasionally you may notice loss of lip-sync with ATSC 3.0 channels. This can be fixed with a channel change. This is a known issue in the AV decoder firmware provided by the chip vendor. We are working with the chip vendor to resolve this, and a fix will be provided via software update.
  3. Under some circumstances you may see a standard definition ATSC 1.0 channel start playing video in slow-motion. This can be cleared with a channel change or a reboot. This is a known issue in the AV decoder firmware provided by the chip vendor. We are working with the chip vendor to resolve this, and a fix will be provided via software update.
  4. Reset factory defaults does not clear stored Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Fixed in v0.11.3.
  6. Fixed in v0.10.1.
  7. Fixed in v0.10.1.
  8. Fixed in v0.9.

Upcoming change in v0.11.5:

  1. Minor improvement in ATSC 1.0 channel detection during channel scan.

Upcoming features in v0.12:

  1. Redesigned channel scan page to show more details about all RF channels without scrolling.
  2. Expand 4K resolution display in the info banner, to show frame rates as 4K30 and 4K60.
  3. Ability to upgrade OS image.

Upcoming features in v0.13 & (v0.11.5 or v0.12) with OS v0920:

  1. This is a candidate for first post-beta release with fixes for all known issues aka v1.0.
  2. Upgrade OS to v0920
  3. Fix for known issue #2 – ATSC 3.0 lip-sync
  4. Fix for known issue #3 – Occasional ATSC 1.0 slow motion video

Revision History:

v0.11.3, released Sep 19, 2022

  1. Fixed known issue #5 (Added support for “Upload Diagnostics”).
  2. The info banner now shows content resolution (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K).
  3. Added guide data search to Main Menu
  4. Added YouTube to Main Menu

v0.10.1, released on Aug 23, 2022

  1. Fixes known issue #7 (“install update” pop-up used to timeout).
  2. Pressing DVR keys on the remote control displays a “Feature Coming Soon” message.
  3. The Hide/Show menu allows hiding all ATSC 1.0 channels so you can surf just ATSC 3.0 channels.
  4. Fixes handling of duplicate channel numbers from neighboring markets in channel guide.
  5. Scrolling menu screens (like hide/show channel list) show scroll arrows.
  6. Fixes an occasional lockup when ATSC 3.0 signals are being broadcast on multiple frequencies.
  7. Easter egg! Enter 159753 and press the Menu key.
  8. Fixed known issue #6. (Blank screen if “Cancel” is selected for “Install Upgrade” pop-up in less than one second.)

v0.9, released on August 8, 2022

  1. UI themes have been introduced. You can select different UI color themes now.
  2. Known issue #1 has been fixed – UI responsiveness during poor signal conditions.
  3. Captioning has been improved.
  4. Known issue #8 has been fixed – Dolby Dialog Enhancement option can be left on now.
  5. The grid guide shows a vertical “time line” to indicate the current time.
  6. Captions now display within the scaled video window in the Grid Guide.
  7. The UI display a spinner during channel change transitions.

v0.8.1, released July 26, 2022

  1. Remote access is now under user control.
  2. The Setting and Guide options have been swapped in the main menu. This will make it easier to access settings.
  3. Menu option spacing has been adjusted and sub-menu placement has been made more consistent.
  4. Channel scan has be sped up considerably by reducing the amount of time we wait for guide data on each frequency. Guide data that is missed during the initial channel scan can be acquired later using background channel scans on a dual-tuner box and during standby mode on a single tuner box.
  5. The main menu has a new option titled “Buy a ZapperBox”. This will bring up a QR code that can be scanned to go to our website.
  6. The antenna setup menu displays signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio values even without a signal lock.

v0.7, released July 18, 2022

  1. Some improvements to known issue #1 (UI responsiveness during poor signal conditions).

v0.6, released July 1, 2022

  1. First customer release version